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7. Minimise pollution

Pollution can be categorised as point source pollution – where the source is identifiable and the adverse effects are immediate – and diffuse pollution, where the source is not as obvious and the pollution may have travelled from a wide area through the soil or overland to the point where it causes a problem.

Organic litter such as food waste may also affect the composition of the soil as it breaks down. Pollution can also take the form of soil movement. Serious damage to fish stocks can be caused by siltation of rivers as a result of drainage, road construction or forestry operations.

In addition, remember to ensure that all waste is disposed of responsibly, ideally patrolling and collecting for litter on a regular basis – for example, carrying out regular beach cleans.

Careful stewardship of the rocks and soils on which land use depends
Light touch, minimum intervention and disturbance


  • Remove litter

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