Wild Land Management Services John Muir Trust
17. Infrastructure & heritage maintenance

All legal burdens, such as boundary fences, water supplies and so on, should be fully maintained in good working order. All cultural heritage sites, such as old shielings, historic bridges, and suchlike, should be maintained in accordance with statutory guidance. Roads, tracks, footpaths, fences and buildings should be kept to a minimum in wild land.

Temporary tracks may be required for the purposes of deer extraction or to take materials to remote sites. Paths are often necessary for access to, and enjoyment of, wild land. Where paths are fit for purpose they can be narrow and unobtrusive but they can also become severely eroded and highly visible scars on the land. Regular maintenance is essential.

Sustainable management
Sensible use of resources and careful planning of new developments


  • Monitor and maintain the condition of paths
  • Monitor and maintain the condition of buildings, fences & other structures
  • Run conservation work parties