Wild Land Management Services John Muir Trust
Facilities & heritage
Maintaining infrastructure and reducing visual impacts with an eye on heritage and sustainability

People working on wild land should be encouraged to work sustainably and be mindful of legal and other requirements regarding heritage infrastructure. Infrastructure, such as paths and fences, should be well maintained but kept to a minimum. Buildings should be energy efficient, and where possible should make use of small scale renewable energy.

All wild land will have evidence of previous use by man. Preservation of the cultural heritage is important. Removing redundant modern structures will enhance the wild land character of an area.

Standards 16-22 deal with facilities, heritage and sustainability.

Sustainable management
Sensible use of resources and careful planning of new developments

Access for all

The John Muir Trust maintains access paths on all the properties it manages, including the main paths to Sandwood Bay; Schiehallion; Ben Nevis; Helvellyn and Quinag.

Exploring wild places


“Pathwork is a part of conservation work in the uplands. Although it can be expensive, it is important to support access to wild land areas so people can enjoy these landscapes. Through Trust staff, volunteer effort and contractors we maintain all the main paths on our properties to a high standard.

Isaac Johnston, Glenridding Common (Helvellyn) Ranger , John Muir Trust