Wild Land Management Services John Muir Trust
Communities & visitors
Encouraging access and understanding of wild land

Land should be managed with the needs of local communities and recreational visitors in mind so that people can feel part of the surrounding landscape and easily find out where to go to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

Standards 24-28 relate to communities, visitors and awareness

Tenants as partners, encouraging access
Engagement and interpretation

Connecting with nature

“Connecting with the natural world – for people of all ages and backgrounds – is essential if we want to understand the importance of the environment and our place in it, and care for it into the future.

Of course, getting out into wild places also offers unrivalled benefits in terms of personal adventure, good health and quality of life.

The John Muir Award encourages all sorts of people to discover wild places, explore and conserve them, and share their experience with others; that’s why it’s so integral to the Trust’s philosophies on protecting and enhancing wild land.”

Emma Reed, John Muir Award and Engagement Manager, John Muir Trust