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Management planning

Scottish Archaeology

English Archaeology

Scottish Designated Sites

English Designated Sites

Scottish Deer Habitat Monitoring

English Deer Habitat Monitoring

Schiehallion management plan

Local Nature Reserve Planning Guidance

Guidance on Community Consultation for Land use Planning

Soil, carbon, water

IUCN UK: Peatland programme

Scottish Government Muirburn Code

Natural England / DEFRA guidance

Biodiversity & woodland

Natural England Designated sites

Scottish Natural Heritage database of protected sites

UK BAP – Priority species & habitats

Natural England: Invasive Species information

Scottish Government code of practice on invasive species

JMT Woodland Management position statement

JMT reintroductions position statement

Scottish Code for species translocations

Deer & livestock

Deer Initiative Best Practice Guidance

Scottish Deer Best Practice Guidance

JMT Deer management position statement

Scottish Government provision of supplementary food for eagles

UK Government sustainable livestock grazing guidance

Scottish Government guidance on off wintering livestock

Facilities & heritage

HSE guidance

Historic Environment Scotland Advice and Support

Historic England Advice and Support

Recycle now

Zero waste Scotland

Energy Saving Trust

UK Green Building Council

UK Government community energy guidance

Scottish Government community energy guidance

Fix the Fells

SNH Upland Path Mannual

Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland

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Scottish Outdoor Access Code

‘Living Landscape’ projects

John Muir Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award

John Muir

Conservation work parties

Dedicated volunteers help the John Muir Trust with its wild land management activities throughout the year. If you’re interested in getting involved, take a look at its work party schedule for the year.

John Muir Trust policies

The John Muir Trust has policies to cover a wide range of land management issues, including land management, deer management, footpath management, re-introductions and more. View them all on the Trust’s website.

Support the Trust

You can support the John Muir Trust’s wild land management in a number of ways – by becoming a member, making a donation to support our work, helping us as a volunteer or even leaving us a gift in your will. Find out more on the John Muir Trust website.